Why emulators are popular – take apart the examples of Jet X, Aviator and Bayraktar. During the comparisons, it became obvious that such games are very promising – and we want to figure out what the reason for this phenomenon is.

What is the power of emulators and why are they so popular?

Jet X – Smartsoft Gaming

The whole point of a Jet X game from provider Smartsoft Gaming is to catch your winnings before the plane falls. The odds can range from x1.01 to x25,000 to the bet.

This emulator is very promising – on average, large odds (from x20) fall every 17-20 rounds. Doubling the winnings is possible in about 50% of cases.

These figures are taken for a reason – all tested in comparisons.

Aviator – Spribe

The essence of the game Aviator from the developer Spribe similar to the previous emulator – you need to have time to take the money before the plane falls. The odds here range from x1 to x100.

On average, large odds (x20+) fall every 35-37 rounds. Doubling the bet will only be possible in 47-50% of cases. In terms of mathematical characteristics Aviator is slightly weaker than Jet X, but it is also possible to win.

Bayraktar – Turbo Games

The essence of Bayraktar from provider Turbo Games is to find enemy tanks and disarm them. Here you can adjust the volatility (the number of tanks on the field), changing the amount of winnings for one correct choice.

The maximum coefficient is x23.75. At the same time, if you set the average volatility and click on one cell, you can win 60% of the time!

As far as emulators are better than slots – let’s break it down

The biggest advantage of emulators – their flexibility. The player can influence his own winnings, change volatility and betting, take away odds, etc. That is, the game as personalized as possible, that can not fail to bribe.

Also the emulators have good winning potential – for example, in Jet X big odds fall out often (x20 – once in 17-20 rounds, x100 – once in 50-100).

But do not forget that the emulators work with RNG (random number generator), as well as slots. It is from him, not the player, depends on what factor will fall out.

What is the difference between slots and Emulator?


– There is always autoplay;

– High possible multipliers and winnings;

– Only the bet amount depends on the player;

-A large selection of games.


– Autoplay is not always found, you often have to actively play;

– The manufacturer often puts restrictions on the maximum multiplier and winnings;

– The player can adjust many of the settings for themselves;

– The choice is much smaller.

What to play, slots or emulators, only you decide – it’s a matter of personal preference. In both cases you can both win and lose, because the result depends on the MSG.

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