Players now have to take more steps to get around blocking. However, there are techniques that can assist you in this:

– Mirrors on an online gambling site.

The simplest workaround is to use one of the institution’s mirrors to block online casinos. Numerous casinos now cater to Russian players and provide numerous mirror sites in addition to the primary one. Mirrors are exact replicas of the primary resource that are only accessible from a different location. You can access your account on any mirror because the databases of the different websites will be identical.

Mirrors are particularly useful since they eliminate the need for additional processes or software. However, Roskomnadzor may block and online casino mirrors, so they are inconvenient. Of course, when mirrors are blocked, others are left available, but some gamers still seem to find this choice intolerable.

– Mobile app.

Downloading the casino’s app on your smartphone is one of the easiest ways to easily access the website. Similar to installing other apps, this one does too.
mobile casino
It is sufficient to enter a legitimate username and password for authorization. All models and the user interface are adjusted to fit the size of your smartphone screen, making the gameplay through the program comfortable and understandable.

 – Change of IP.

Additionally, you can visit online casinos by using specialized browser add-ons like Hola or Frigate. You are able to select a different nation’s IP address. The restricted site will then reopen as it appears that the connection was made from a different country. The IP address can also be changed using specialized software. They operate under a similar premise. However, there can be issues if you try to access a restricted online casino by altering your IP address because many casinos forbid such behavior. Therefore, you should absolutely get in touch with the support staff before employing this strategy. Just ask whether you may use IP changer software and mention that their casino is blocked. The support staff could suggest several ways to get around the barrier.

– VPN.

Before installing a browser plugin or VPN program, be sure that the casino’s policies permit frequent IP changes.
A browser plugin or VPN program functions similarly to an ip-address change.

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