The vast majority of today’s online casino video slots feature some sort of prize feature. Most often these are freespins or themed bonus games implemented in one of the popular formats.

Of course, any user playing a slot with bonuses would like to take part in a prize round.

  • The ideal is to fulfill the necessary conditions and run the draw for free.

Nevertheless, patience is key as it often requires a considerable wait for your opportunity to arise. At times, more than a hundred spins may be needed before the coveted free spins commence. Impatient players often abandon the slot machine prematurely, missing out on their potential opportunity.

white rabbit slot 2

Innovative solutions have emerged from online casino software developers. Several companies now offer slots that allow players to purchase bonus games, although this alternative may not be as enticing as free entry, it has gained significant popularity in the gambling industry. Explore this TTR Casino review article for further details.

History of slots with the purchase of bonuses

Big Time Gaming made a significant impact on the gambling industry with the release of White Rabbit slot in 2017. This innovative game, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, introduced the Megaways system and became a landmark model that shaped the future of online gaming.

BTG Studios introduced their groundbreaking Feature Drop option for the first time in the White Rabbit slot. This innovative feature allowed players to bypass the wait and purchase bonus spins at any time, providing an exciting alternative to traditional free spins.

white rabbit slot buy bonus

The function works in two ways:

  1. It is possible to buy free spins, and the cost is determined by the chosen bet amount.
  2. In the paid rounds, players collect coins that randomly appear in various cells. The accumulation of these tokens reduces the cost of the Feature Drop. When it reaches zero, players can initiate free spins without any additional cost.

Starting from 2018, Big Time Gaming has been granting licenses to third-party software developers to utilize the Megaways mechanics. However, the exclusive rights to the patented Feature Drop option have been retained by the company itself.

Various providers in the online casino gambling industry are also launching slot machines with bonus buy features, presenting this option with distinct terms and conditions.

In 2019, the software developers incorporating this feature and the online casino operators offering such games encountered an unwelcome surprise. The UK Gambling Commission, the regulatory authority in the UK, issued notices advising them to deactivate this function.

What is the reasoning behind this requirement? The UK Gambling Commission cites that its goal is to help online casino players combat gambling addiction. The organization believes that the availability of purchasable bonus rounds encourages increased playing time and spending by users.

Many well-known institutions have deactivated the purchase of bonuses in slot machines on demand. Big Time Gaming has stopped introducing this option in new slots. Some operators simply removed such slots from the list of models. But some sites continue to offer these machines to customers.

How do slot machines with the purchase of bonuses work?

In general, the principle of action of such slots is clear:

  • The customer pays a certain amount, depending on the size of the bet, and then becomes a participant in the prize round.

But that’s not the only way to trigger the bonus game. As mentioned above, Big Time Gaming offers an alternative method that, if you are patient, will not require additional financial expenditure. The principle is this:

  1. Coins appear on the screen in different situations.
  2. They accumulate and lower the purchase price of the prize round.
  3. When the price reaches zero, you can run the bonus for free.

Decide for yourself what you like: to spend real money or wait a little.

Do not forget that the prize game can start with a combination of special icons.


Is it worth buying bonus games in slots?

To answer this question, you need to know what your goals are when playing online casino slots.

  • If your main goal is to have fun, then buy bonuses, because that’s the most interesting thing about slots.
  • If you’re playing for results, go to the slot specifications and look for the theoretical payoff. Most manufacturers give data on RTP in paid spins and bonus rounds. Compare these figures and decide for yourself what to do.

We should add that often in the course of bought freespins it is not possible to “recoup” the money spent on them.


Of course, every player would like to take part in the bonus round for free. This possibility should not be discounted, but if you can’t wait to experience the prize feature, don’t be afraid to buy it. In addition, this approach often only increases the theoretical return, thereby increasing the probability of winning.

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