The modern sphere of online gaming is one of the fastest growing in the world. It so happens that the coronavirus pandemic gave an additional impetus for its development, driving the user audience into isolation and leaving it alone with computers and cell phones.

The growth of interest in online gambling has forced developers to be creative in the development of game content. Analysis of the current state of iGaming and predictions for the coming new year is the focus of the entire gaming industry user audience today.

Figures give a real insight into the online gambling market

Statistics know everything and give a real insight into the state of affairs in any field of human endeavor. The global online gambling market has seen extremely rapid growth. At the end of last year , its volume was equal to nearly $93 billion.

If we compare it to 2019, for example, its growth was 65%. The increase is very impressive. It was due to a variety of objective and subjective processes.

Analysts predict that 2025 will see the online gambling market reach a mark of $113.12 billion. Gambling attracts about 2 billion people.

The modern foreign gambler is:

– The user audience is between 17 and 40 years old.

– About 80% are men.

– The remaining 20% are women.

– Overall, this audience is about 38% of the gamblers.

Basically fans of gambling pastime are people of this age, which allows them to continue to give preference to online gambling.

Promising predictions for online gaming for the next year

The analysts’ forecasts about what awaits the world market of online gambling in the coming year 2023 appeared on the web. In particular, they predict the following:

Live Gaming

– By coming to the forefront of online casino personalization and branded tables, the digital space will create the atmosphere of a favorite online casino where a lot of time will be spent playing games.

– For foreign gamblers, branded gaming tables are attractive because of the new games, the availability of integrating highlights from popular TV shows and celebrity shows. What attracts them is that one place makes many opportunities available. They linger much longer in this environment.

– Improvements in the technical development of the game content itself through various technologies, such as VR technology. Gaming establishments and live dealers are on the lookout for new options and ways to lower the cost of gaming products, which will make it much more affordable for the gamer audience.

RNG Games

– Games that function on the principle of a random number generator will also remain popular. We are talking about slots, mini-games, arcades and crash games. In some regions, they are so popular that they are even replacing the traditional slots.

– The games with step-by-step involvement of gamblers will also be in demand, through the availability of the choice of options and the outcome of the event, pressing buttons to get rewards and various bonus programs. Taken together, this ensures increased gamer loyalty.

– Expected to expand the variety of games and betting portfolios. This will continue to entice new gamers who are attracted to betting on small events that are expected directly during sports matches.

The entire market is focused on increasing gambler loyalty and engagement.

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