Sociologists from Scotland in a large-scale study of the impact of the location of casinos and other gambling establishments on the number of attracted customers have concluded that their location closer than 50-80 kilometers from where people live, the chance of starting his passion for gambling is increased by half.

Accessible gambling affects the population

Along with the remoteness or proximity of gambling establishments to populated areas, their size also matters. When an institution is small, offers a small list of games and is located near a small settlement, it will have less impact compared to a large gambling and entertainment complex near a densely populated metropolitan area.

  • The opening of gambling zones nowadays is most often carried out in places that have been specially designated for this purpose away from big cities. They are intended for a certain public of both domestic and foreign tourists.

It would be logical to assume that each operator’s desire is to maximize the potential of places that will bring benefits.

The authorities in different countries set certain standards in terms of the permissible proximity of gambling establishments to residential houses. Resort cities and large settlements with gambling establishments are attractive for tourist flows and local population.

The conclusion of Scottish researchers suggests that the degree of influence of casinos on the population is dependent on several factors:

  • The proximity of the gambling establishment to the population.
  • Size of the casino.
  • The city in which or near which the casino operates.
  • Affluence of people, which is higher in large cities than in small ones.

Excessive craving for gambling worries authorities

In the UK, as well as in many other countries of the world, there is a rapid development of online betting and online poker, live casinos and slots, all kinds of lotteries. This cannot but worry the government and health authorities, as there is an increase in the risks of gambling addiction among citizens.

Over the past few years, about 750 million pounds sterling has been allocated annually in the UK. The problems of the impact of the gambling industry on the population are constantly under the scrutiny of experts.

The problem of gambling advertising needs to be solved at the state level

Advertising has a great influence on the spread of gambling among people. Worldwide and in Great Britain itself, the problem is being addressed at the national level. These issues are constantly being studied by analysts and sociologists.

  • For example, in a survey of six thousand people found that a third of them felt the desire to play after seeing ads in which, among other things, bookmaker companies offered incentive bonuses.

In the fight against gambling addiction, the UK introduced effective measures back in 2019, provided protection for minors and brought online gambling to more transparent business schemes. Changes are constantly being made in this matter, in particular, the rules for advertising gambling during sports competitions are being tightened.

The conclusions are inescapable

The closer the gambling establishments are, the greater the danger of gambling hobbies for a person. The organizers, the state and society must protect citizens from the negative consequences that gambling can bring. Gambling should not have negative consequences. They should promote active pastime.

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