It seems ridiculous, but many players believe in superstitions and omens, and are even guided by them when playing. Players tell us that there are both superstitions for winning and negative omens that can cause you to lose even with a good poker hand or a slot will not give you the desired freespins or bonuses. Now we are going to tell you some of them and maybe you will find them familiar.

Superstitions for winning

– The clothing in which a person plays is important – jackets and shirts attract large sums. And if you’ve already pulled off a jackpot, be sure to keep your lucky clothes for the future!

– It is better to turn on the laptop or phone with your left hand. And before starting the game, you need to spin the chair three times clockwise, to be sure to attract luck.

– Luck is accompanied by a talisman. For card games – a lucky card from the deck, and for slots – a handful of coins. This should attract Fortune.

– Say goodbye mentally to the money. So Fortune will see that you are ready to lose, and a big win will come to you.

Fun fact – about 65% of online casino players have lucky underpants.

Negative omens

– The game does not load – it is better to choose another one. This is probably the most popular omen among players. According to them, if you neglect such a sign of fate, you should definitely not expect to win.

– Do not put dirty dishes and bottles on the table. This will lead to quick and big losses.

– No need to leave crumbs and dust on the table. The more dirt on the workplace where you play slots, the more you attract small winnings.

– You shouldn’t get on social media before playing. An omen says that this leads to a drain of positive energy, so you should not expect big winnings.

– Do not cross your arms and legs. It is believed that in this way, a person closes the “entrance” to luck and fortune.

Do omens work?

Do not rely on omens, because the slots are only entertainment. Everyone has happy and unhappy days, so do not rely completely on superstitions. But if omens help you tune in to the game, use them with pleasure!

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