Gambling attracts players from all over the world, and this is not surprising, because they allow not only a fun time, but also to make money. Currently, there are a huge number of clubs on the international market, and it is problematic to sort them out on your own. For this reason, it is worth to use software to search for suitable casinos, as well as to choose the best games according to the criteria that interest the user.

Useful sites for finding online casinos

If you need to find a decent gambling club, which works 100% legally and honestly, you should turn to our resource – “Anonymous Casinos”. The best representatives of online casinos are presented on the pages. There is a search line to enter the names of games or developers, as well as gambling clubs. A convenient filter system has been developed in order to set the parameters.

The rating is formed on the basis of the analysis conducted by our own highly qualified experts, as well as on the basis of feedback from real players. All playgrounds are investigated according to different parameters:

  • Providers;
  • The range of entertainment offered;
  • The presence or absence of a license permit;
  • Speed of response of technical support and options for communication with her.

There are reviews on casinos with different types of entertainment, providers, bonuses.

Slot selection software

Unfortunately, there are not many offers in this category on the market for ordinary users. They are mainly presented for entrepreneurs and developers and are called gaming systems. This is software that is developed specifically for personal computers and mobile devices, as well as terminals for the purpose of creating profitable gambling clubs with minimum investments. Such products as Power Coin, Win Win, Skill Market, Gaminator etc. are popular in practice.

casino slots

Basically, users go to thematic portals, blogs and forums and look for useful information on them. In particular, they find out what innovations are on the market, how best to play to make the bet win, where it is easiest to win and so on.

Roulette software

When expecting to win at roulette, the user relies not only on luck. This entertainment involves strategies and tactics that increase the chances of making a profit. It is easier and more reliable to use utilities created by experienced players. They have an accessible algorithm of functioning and provide a real result.

Roulette Xtreme

The essence of them is that they tell the user which bets have a higher chance of winning. The result of the game is taken into account when calculating the number falling out in the next spin. Most of the mechanisms used for odds analysis work according to this scheme. This mathematical strategies and methods of software nature. Analyzers involve the history of recent spins and are powerful.

  1. Roulette Lucker. This development dates back to 2012 and is a powerful betting calculator that allows you to save your deposit in any casino in most gaming sessions.
  2. Roulette Xtreme. Perfect roulette analyzer with the calculation of European, French, American odds, works on a free basis, allows the customer to test algorithms and form strategies, use the editor and the SGS.
  3. Roulette Tamer. Game analyzer from Playtech, officially recommended for use by the manufacturers and includes only the European version. Functions offline, offers 2 ranges of betting which can be chosen according to the current balance.
  4. Wheel Magister. The system performs spin analysis using a built-in type algorithm aimed at calculating probability. Numbers are calculated in the independent order or selected with the help of GSH.
  5. Statbst. Utility helps in determining the odds of winning when creating a bet on a particular color.
  6. Realtime Roulette Master. Soft is a calculator exclusively for the European format and analyzes the game process and the result in real time.
  7. Winnings. The system provides the issuance of numbers to bet to win, provides an option to manage the player’s balance.
  8. Triplex. This development came out in 2020, it helps to form columns and dozens betting tips after a specific number of possessions.
  9. Numerology. The software gives out 6 numbers on which you can and should bet by a certain progression.

Utilities for poker

Here the system determines the probability of a particular combination in the player and his opponent. Here are a few of the most common pieces of software.


  1. Holdem Manager. This poker tracker is the most common. It can be used on a medium-capacity computer, but the free version is of little use, it is better to subscribe to a paid plan for 60-160 dollars. Nevertheless, compared to the second version, this program has been improved, with new features and an improved query language for reports.
  2. Hand2Note. Costs from $0 to $588, the free version is quite useful. The developers managed to create and implement innovative features that are not yet found in competitors. It is possible to track the game of the field as a whole, set criteria for pool selection and analysis of players’ actions.
  3. Equilab. This is a free hand equity calculator which can be used for lowlimits and up. There are additional functions, the calculation is done on the preflop and postflop. It is also possible to determine how the opponent’s range turns out in a given flop.
  4. Flopzilla. This is a program for determining ranges and equity, it can be used on a computer even with low capacity. The cost is $25, the free format is practically useless. The functionality is similar to the previous program, but there are much more possibilities to work out your own understanding of ranges.
  5. oRanges Calculator. This is analogous to the previous option, but it assumes the existence of a number of auxiliary options. Costing only $15, the usefulness of the free format is practically zero. With the help of the program you can analyze the hit of the opponent’s range in the board, set its texture, choose the starting hand.
  6. Icmizer. The cost of using it exceeds $8 per month, but compared to peer programs it is acceptable. The software is ideal for tournament players, because it works in the late stage of the competition, when there is a good chance to get a prize. The calculator reveals the degree of correctness of the decision in the push or fold.
  7. PartyCaption. The program is designed to customize the client, offers definition with fonts, stacks, bets, conversion to blinds, notes on opponents in just one click, table layout.
  8. GTO+. It costs $40 to install on one computer and $75 on a second computer. With the utility you can easily and quickly perform calculations on all streets according to the Nash equilibrium. It assumes a high degree of automation, not demanding to the resources of the machine. At the same time, all files occupy a small amount of space.
  9. Simple Postflop. This poker solver offers a whole set of solutions for all streets according to given criteria. It displays strategies as well as hand equity. No abstractions are used, all sorts of situations are defined. With the free format, calculations can be made within the turn and river.
  10. Preflop Hero. This program allows you to build a strategy on the preflop to guarantee a stable game in the plus. The trainer contributes to the memorization of preflop charts in all circumstances, there are predetermined spectra of initial hands, the ability to edit charts and their adaptation to the field poker room.

Blackjack programs

In this case, the card counter is required, there are several options on the market today.

  1. BlackJack Calculator. This is an application that requires downloading and installation. It is easy to work with it, there are tips developed according to a special algorithm. There is a free and paid version. Among the criteria are the number of decks, dealer principles, doubling the bet, after splits, rejection, check.
  2. Lazy BlackJack. Free software for quality play at any online casino using standard strategy and mathematical analysis. The system has built-in card counters on the system High-Low, there is a mechanism for tracking cards in the deck, developed tips in certain game situations.

These programs will help you beat any casino is quite legitimate way and work out any skills.

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