The principle of “trust but verify” is crucial for gambling in online casinos. Before making a deposit, it is essential to check the legitimacy of the gambling site. Even basic computer skills can help identify fraudulent sites. Here are some tips to avoid scams in online gambling.

The basic criteria for a fair casino

To minimize the chances of being cheated, follow these three principles:

  • Check if the casino has a gambling license (not always required).
  • Check user reviews to gauge the casino’s reputation.
  • Verify the online slots before making a deposit.

Let’s consider each factor in detail. The initial guideline is to review the user agreement and deposit money only in a certified casino.

Checking license status

Upon accessing an online casino website, the user should scroll down the homepage and look for the electronic seal of the issuing regulator. By clicking on the seal, the user can validate the certificate on the regulator’s website and check if it’s not expired. If the seal is missing or inactive, it’s recommended to search for another casino.

The license jurisdiction is not crucial. Its purpose is to safeguard the gambler. Casinos invest thousands of dollars in the certificate and avoid losing it due to complaints. Unlicensed clubs leave users with no recourse to resolve disputes.

However, we want to note that not all honest online casinos are licensed. There are many proven casinos that do not have a license. Therefore, you should pay your attention to the criteria that we will list below.

Exploring subjective opinions

The next step is to get acquainted with the reviews of players about the project. Undoubtedly, there are registered messages among the comments, but their proportion is very small. It is desirable to collect the remarks about the club from several sources:

  • Communities of the studied casino in social networks;
  • Blogs, focused on gambling;
  • Specialized sites engaged in ranking gambling establishments.

Withdrawal reviews should be given priority. While many casinos receive complaints about winnings, the club’s response is crucial. Some complaints are made by players who are unaware of the withdrawal rules for online casinos.

It’s not uncommon for users to be denied payment due to insufficient deposit turnover or use of a different payment system. A reputable casino will respond to claims and explain the reason for rejection. It’s important to consider the percentage of negative comments and the proportion that received a reasonable explanation.

Determining the authenticity of slot machines

An efficient method to differentiate between honest and fraudulent online casinos is by checking the source of the casino’s slots, which requires some computer skills. Honest casinos load emulators directly from the official servers of the provider to ensure fair play. All that remains is to check it according to the following instructions:

  1. Visit the casino website.
  2. Launch a game.
  3. Open the inspector panel in your browser by pressing F12 after the game loads.
  4. Go to the “Console” tab and make a spin.
  5. Check the listener data, which should show the server of the game’s developer.

To ensure the reliability of the online casino, it’s crucial to verify the server address that loads the games. This information can be found in the “Inspector” or “Debugger” tabs after calling up the inspector panel in the browser. It’s important to make sure the server address belongs to the actual game provider, as some fraudulent casinos may create their own server with a slightly modified name of the original game studio.

Occasionally, a provider may have slots on a platform with a different name. For instance, the developer Igrosoft hosts its slots on Thus, if the server address does not match, an additional check is necessary. You need to download the slot from the developer’s website and trace the server name using the inspector. Although this process may take some time, it will enable you to differentiate a trustworthy casino from a deceitful one.


When playing for money, it is crucial to choose a reputable institution. A necessary requirement before depositing funds is to ensure that the casino is licensed, and it is possible to verify the authenticity of the certificate (although this is not always sufficient). Additionally, it is vital to carefully examine the rules of the club and gather feedback from other users. Lastly, it is crucial to confirm that the casino utilizes a certified slots provider.

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