In 1988, American politician Ronald Reagan passed a legislative bill allowing the establishment of gambling businesses on Indian reservations. This law permitted American residents to improve such facilities despite the states’ political stances on gambling. Tribal casinos now generate a net annual revenue of 105 billion dollars. Despite being 30 years old, these gambling establishments have not lost their authenticity and remain a contentious issue, with former American President Donald Trump being a staunch opponent.

Types of Indian gambling

Indian casinos offer a unique gambling experience that cannot be found elsewhere. They typically involve rituals and ceremonies, with players participating in these games to acquire unique skills. Winning only earns a small prize, and all conditions are discussed with the local chiefs.

The first level of gambling typically involves simple card or table games, such as poker and bingo. The second level involves more advanced games like video slots, roulette, and blackjack. The revenue generated from gambling goes into the state coffers and is used to fund social programs for the community and charitable projects.

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The owners of gambling businesses on Indian reservations cannot keep all the profits from the gambling activities. The earnings are divided equally among the native residents of the reservation. Therefore, each resident receives an average of $120 per year. It is crucial and fundamental that the casinos are located only on the Indian territory.

In 2017, the existence of the gambling industry provided employment opportunities for around 620,000 individuals from the local population, thereby contributing to their economic well-being.

Jim Allen’s credit to the gambling industry

Florida initially prohibited the Seminole tribe from offering third category games to its guests, showing its negative attitude towards gambling. However, Jim Allen proposed a solution to reform the slots, allowing visitors to play against each other instead of against the casino. This proposal allowed the third category games to be moved to the second permitted category.


Former U.S. President’s Attitude towards Gambling

California Native American casinos were Donald Trump’s main rivals in the gambling business before became President of the United States. As you know, as president, he strongly opposed tribal casinos.

The transfer of land to the Wampanoag tribe for constructing a new casino was also poorly received by Trump.

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