The gambling industry is developing all over the world, despite the fact that in different countries live people of different religions, with different mentalities. I wonder how they get along with all these seemingly incompatible things.

The Quran forbids gambling

Gambling is forbidden in the Quran, but in spite of this, there are gambling establishments in Muslim countries. Is this a paradox or an exception to the generally accepted rules?

Anyone can find mention of the prohibition in the fifth surah of the Qur’an:

  • The devil wants to sow discord and hatred among you by means of deceptive drinks and gambling and to distract you from remembrance of Allah and salah.” (Al-Ma’idah (Trapeze), 91st ayat of 120)“.

As times change, so do attitudes and realities.

Gambling without breaking laws and rules

The verse above can be understood in a completely different way if we take into account the knowledge gained by humankind and the new consciousness. It turns out that games are available to everyone without breaking the rules and laws:

  • Firstly, in the past, one of the main problems of gambling was considered to be possible hostility between players. In the modern world, the presence of online casinos is a way to avoid provocations between players, because the opponents play incognito and no confrontation is possible, as well as there is no atmosphere, which inclines to various temptations, such as drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Second, online gambling is a kind of recreation, just like any other hobby, to which you can pay attention at a convenient time. The stakes can be programmed in advance, outside of prayer time.
  • Third, a sinner is one who profits from gain rather than from work or the provision of various services. A true Muslim can atone for his guilt by helping others: by giving to donations or to charity.


Games are also beneficial

Muslims cannot rely solely on occasional success. However, the development of gambling establishments gives the game an increasingly intelligent feel.

Instead of regular luck, tools such as planning, strategy, and deduction begin to be used. Playing poker or blackjack, the gamer develops and trains his brain. In doing so, he relies on his own mental abilities, experience, and diligence.

Gambling, conducted for the sake of recreation, in a state of one’s own tranquility and in a good mood, never interferes with prayers, develops one’s mental faculties and helps others. In this case, they do not violate the Shariah in any way.

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