There is a diverse range of gambling facilities in Eastern Europe, with nineteen countries hosting operational casinos. One country permits betting on dog and horse racing. Advanced slot machines and poker-playing terminals are noteworthy, as are the increasingly popular online casinos.

The largest casino in Eastern Europe

The Hotel Casino Perla, located in Slovenia, is renowned as an exceptional gaming venue, boasting approximately 60 gaming tables and a vast selection of over 1,200 slots, slot machines, and poker terminals to its guests.


How tourists and Eastern Europeans vacation

Casinos and other gambling venues are becoming increasingly popular in this region, often surpassing other forms of entertainment and attracting a growing number of tourists and locals alike. The largest concentration of such establishments can be found in countries including Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gambling in Albania

More than eleven years ago, the government of this country decided to solve the economic situation by legalizing and creating casinos. Just one year after this decision, the first casino, known as the Hyatt Regency, was opened within the country.

Hyatt Regency

At present, the Albanian government has made a new resolution to increase the tax on slots fourfold. Yet, the casino proprietors have issued an ultimatum to the government, declaring that if such a bill is approved, they will terminate their operations in the country. It is worth noting that this casino boasts a gaming room furnished with 250 slots and 25 gaming tables.

Gambling in Bulgaria

This country has a thriving gambling industry, with many Bulgarian businessmen achieving remarkable success. Most Bulgarian casinos offer around 60 slot machines, and there are numerous establishments featuring dozens of popular machines.

Bulgaria boasts of one of the biggest casino chains, Princess, that has constructed three major establishments. The Turkish-owned company has successfully dominated the gambling market in Bulgaria, despite being a foreign company. However, the country has also witnessed an increase in local operators who continuously establish new gambling establishments around the nation. Moreover, online casinos have gained widespread popularity in Europe, allowing players to enjoy limitless gaming options. These online casinos offer various video slots, different versions of roulette, and popular card games.

Princess casinos

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