You may have encountered articles like “Fascinating facts about casinos” or “Unbelievable insights into slot machines.” TTR Casinos has also shared similar articles, but this publication brings unique and lesser-known facts, challenging even the well-informed readers. It goes beyond the common stories like the roulette wheel summing up to 666 or the absence of clocks in casinos. Discover intriguing facts directly or indirectly linked to the gambling world.

A poker game eight years long

Spending a couple of days in a casino may make you feel like a marathon runner, but it pales in comparison to playing poker continuously for almost eight and a half years.

The Bird Cage Theater

Back in 1881, Arizona witnessed the opening of The Bird Cage Theater by Billy and Lottie Hutchinson. The basement housed a high-stakes poker room that ran around the clock, nonstop, for an impressive duration of eight years, five months, and three days.

The Bird Cage Theater became a legendary destination, attracting the finest poker players of its time. Over the course of those eight years, the table saw transactions amounting to tens of millions of dollars. While the exact earnings of the owners were undisclosed, it was common knowledge that they collected a ten percent share from each pot.

Video pokers without cash payouts

Mechanical video poker machines emerged in the 19th century and were commonly found in bars and drinking establishments. These vintage machines added a touch of entertainment for patrons seeking a game of luck alongside their beverages.

The machines featured a simplistic design:

  • Five spinning reels displayed card symbols.
  • Initially, there was no payout table included.
  • Once a poker combination was achieved, winners would claim their prizes from the bartender, often receiving cigarettes or alcoholic beverages as rewards.

The modern system for calculating and awarding payouts was developed later and quickly became the standard in this type of gambling.

The Dice Game

Formalized gambling with a regulated licensing system emerged in the United States during the first half of the 20th century. However, Americans had been engaging in gambling even before that, often opting for early iterations of dice games like craps.

When unexpected police raids disrupted underground gambling operations, offenders swiftly disposed of the evidence. The small dice were conveniently concealed by swallowing them. While the impact on digestion remains uncertain, this tactic undeniably helped evade legal consequences.

Legend has it that during the 19th century, proprietors of British underground casinos would hire individuals to swallow dice to avoid detection during raids.

Napoleon and Blackjack

According to multiple sources, Napoleon Bonaparte had a fondness for gambling, particularly enjoying a game that would later be known as blackjack. In France, during his time, it was referred to as Vingt-et-Un, which happened to be one of his preferred versions.

Napoleon and Blackjack

During his exile on Elba Island, the renowned military leader found himself with ample leisure time, allowing him to indulge in lengthy card games.

Gambling as FedEx’s savior

During the early 1970s, FedEx was far from being the corporate giant it is today. In a critical moment, founder Frederic Smith took a risk by traveling to Las Vegas with his last $5,000, putting his company’s future on the line.

This successful venture ultimately rescued the company, leading to its profitability within just a few years.

74 casinos in 24 hours

Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer achieved a remarkable feat on October 19-20, 2017, by playing in a staggering seventy-four Las Vegas casinos within a span of twenty-four hours. Their extraordinary accomplishment has been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Prior to their latest achievement, Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer had already set a record by visiting sixty-nine gambling establishments two years earlier. Their dedication to breaking records in the world of casinos is truly remarkable.

Gambling in prison

While gambling remains illegal in most correctional facilities worldwide, Nevada prisons took a unique approach by officially permitting inmates to engage in games like poker, craps, and blackjack. They even allowed sports betting within the prison walls, setting them apart from other institutions globally.

The bygone era of prison gambling ended in 1967 after a thirty-five-year run. Recognizing the detrimental effects on inmates and the unhealthy environment it fostered, prison authorities made the decision to abolish gambling within the institution.

The first interracial casino in the United States

The renowned Moulin Rouge Casino holds the distinction of being the first establishment in the United States to legally admit African Americans, a milestone achieved in 1955.

Moulin Rouge Casino

The media extensively covered this significant event, with the Moulin Rouge Casino even gracing the cover of Life magazine, capturing the attention of the public.

Miniature Casino in a Taxi

When in London, don’t miss the chance to test your luck at the world’s tiniest gambling establishment. The renowned Grosvenor Casino offers customers the unique experience of gambling in the back of a taxi cab.

Inside the cab, you’ll find a fully operational table with a live dealer, accompanied by a small bar and a TV screening exciting sports matches for added entertainment.

The casino is the birthplace of the sandwich

The globally beloved culinary creation, comprising layers of ingredients between bread slices, has achieved widespread acclaim. Its namesake is attributed to John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich.

John Montagu, an eighteenth-century English diplomat, notably held the position of First Lord of the Admiralty. However, his reputation transcended politics, as he became known for his fervent gambling habits, often spending extensive periods at the gaming table.

Engrossed in his gambling sessions, John was reluctant to pause for lunch. To satisfy his hunger without leaving the table, he ingeniously placed meat between two slices of bread. Initially shocking to the proper public, this concoction gained popularity over time and eventually adopted the name of Montague’s noble title.

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