Craps, or dice, is perhaps one of the best known games. It attracts by its simplicity and at the same time awakens a healthy excitement and competitive spirit. Despite the fact that сraps has been known since ancient times, modern players throw six-sided dice with great enthusiasm in an attempt to guess the right combination of numbers.

History of Dice

Many interesting historical versions connect with the game of craps. So, according to famous historical sources of Ancient Greece, there are descriptions that the dice game was invented during the Trojan War. It was also claimed that one of the Greeks – Malamed taught craps to soldiers during the siege of Troy. However, according to archaeologists, this version is erroneous.

Some scholars link the appearance of the game of craps to the history of the Ancient Roman Empire. Roman legionnaires carved something like cubes from pig bones and threw them on their shields. This is how the famous expression “throwing bones” came about.

According to the most popular historical legend, craps were invented much later in XIXII centuries in England during the Crusades. In order not to get bored alone, knights rolled the dice and called this game Hazard.

Gradually, the game became popular in Britain among the aristocrats, and then in the United States.

As soon as craps got to France, the game of dice was almost immediately beloved by the nobility, big industrialists and the rich. The French gave the game its modern name – craps (crab). Such an interesting name associated with a losing combination of numbers, which is very similar to the eyes of a crab.

boys craps

Craps in the modern world

Craps was brought to the U.S. by European immigrants. At first, the game did not have a mass audience, but since the authorities banned the spread of gambling in the country, the popularity of craps has increased dramatically. Especially gamblers liked to roll the dice during long steamboat voyages on rivers.

John Wynn invented an updated version of the game, which he called “Don’t Miss a Bet“. Its essence was to take bets on or against a particular player. In this way, the possibility of cheating with the game cubes was reduced. This version of the game quickly found its audience.

During World War II, dice games also helped to distract soldiers from their heavy thoughts of combat losses.

Although the Craps number dwindled slightly in the 1990s, today’s Vegas casinos are not complaining about the lack of gamblers at craps.

The game of craps has a number of advantages:

  • Develops logic and strategic thinking.
  • Breeds excitement and healthy competition.
  • You can play in the online casino.

The rules of the game

craps rules

How do you learn how to learn craps? In fact, the game of dice is not the most difficult. And you can understand its logic in less than an hour.

First, you need to meet two important conditions.

  1. You need to have two hex dice.
  2. Bet on to win or lose (Pass Line or Do not Pass Line).

The game has two rounds: Come Out Roll and Point Roll. A total of 36 game combinations can fall out. As a rule, most often players “catch3-4, rarely 1-1 and 6-6.

The dice game is similar to the roulette game, so before betting real money you should get acquainted with all the game combinations.

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