Fortune rarely smiles on players, but don’t forget the experience. We’ve all heard stories of players who didn’t gamble to win and became fabulously rich. Or stories of tournaments where a player took the win with a bad hand. Alas, this doesn’t happen to everyone, but some players are favored by fate more than once. That’s why we decided to take a look at five lucky players.

Cynthia J.: The winning waitress

Cynthia Jay, an average waitress from Las Vegas, decided after her shift to take a little rest, it happened on January 29, 2000. She only had $27 with her and thinking that even if she lost it, she would get a moral rest and go home afterwards.

She was losing dollar after dollar at the one-armed bandit. However, just as she made the decision to leave, a loud noise filled the casino, signaling her victory. The machine had managed to bring in $34,959,458 at that point.

synthia Jay

She couldn’t believe her eyes, she didn’t notice the crowd of people surrounding her and congratulating her; after receiving the check, Cynthia went home. Thus, the waitress from Las Vegas received the largest slot machine win at that time.

Charles Wells: The Story of a Brintan Inventor

In 1891, a 30-year-old British inventor named Charles Devil Wells visited a casino in Monaco.

Charles began playing roulette and continued to do so for the rest of the day without stopping. He spent a week playing at the casino in this mode. The man often broke the bank, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the game. In the end, Charles Wells won £ 4 million, spending £ 400,000 during the week.

$50 to $40 million with Archie Karas

Archie Karas, after emigrating to America from Europe, first worked in a restaurant in Los Angeles. He developed a strong passion for poker and began to conquer poker tournaments.


Archie Karas developed his poker skills from 1992 to 1995, turning $50  into $40 million, but then managed to lose it all by playing poker and his preferred game of craps.

Peter: Slot brought in $38 million to online casinos

Spending time lying on the couch, the guy was playing online casino slots, not expecting much money he bet bet after bet, as suddenly the slot gave him a tidy sum of $ 38 million. Peter did not believe it at first, took a sitting position and realized that he had not imagined and in fact the slot called Arabian night brought him $38 million.

Peter’s case is incredibly lucky, because no other such winnings have been heard of.

Elmer Sherwin: Two Successes

Elmer Sherwin, a World War II veteran, made two fortunes. In 1989, he decided to visit a casino in Las Vegas and play Megabucks for the first time. Elmer Sherwin won $5 million, spending only $100 and spinning the slot machine once.

Elmer Sherwin

After that, Elmer began frequenting casinos. Sixteen years later, he was lucky again. Sherwin again managed to win the jackpot in the slot machine. True, this time the combat veteran earned much more money – $21 million.


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