The gambling industry is constantly innovating, as evidenced by things like mobile casinos, games with eye-catching graphics, 3D animation, and storytelling, online slots based on well-known TV shows, updated live dealer games online, upbeat and motivational soundtracks integrated into games, and cryptocurrency payments. What are the top 3 technical advancements that will be widely used in 2023, though? Slotegrator experts share their vision.

New technologies are being incorporated into casino games practically as soon as they are created. The goal of game designers and software suppliers in the gaming sector is to astonish players with cutting-edge gameplay, design and visuals, payment options, bonus structures, etc. One of the most well-liked trends today is how often incorporated cutting-edge solutions provide existing online casino gaming features a fresh new look. This incorporates virtual reality’s advantages. The top three technical advancements coming next, however, will fundamentally alter the gaming industry.

These include:

Artificial intelligence, which helps predict risk. Now, the business has significant difficulties incorporating these components into goods, but gaming is an area where innovative integrations and quick adaptation are common. Services that are as high-quality as those provided by people can be assisted by artificial intelligence. It is crucial that businesses continue to make effective efforts to incorporate artificial intelligence components into their goods. As an illustration, a new platform from software and business solutions firm Slotegrator contains a Business Intelligence (BI) module. In a nutshell, the analytics job is done by the BI module. We must contend with a massive, dynamic, and varied influx of information. Every company choice is based on prior experience as well as objectives and goals; entrepreneurs must determine if a certain strategy has produced the desired outcomes. Operators require a clear and consistent picture of the data in order to make judgments of this nature, in addition having access to it. Three things may be said about the big data phenomena of today: volume, diversity, and speed. Statistics produced by the casino itself are just as significant, if not more so, than data on market trends, competitor behavior, current advances, and industry trends.


The improved risk management module is another artificial intelligence solution. For international online casinos or sportsbooks, gathering all the essential data is nearly hard; it might be challenging for an entire staff to switch the software that compiles statistics. Users of international online casinos frequently misuse bonuses, which sadly puts the casinos at danger. The usage of VPNs and other identity-falsifying technology by abusive bonus players makes it challenging to identify them from legitimate players abroad. A thorough investigation of IP addresses and biographical data is necessary to determine whether a foreign player has surpassed the duplication level, suggesting that he could be playing under a fraudulent name. This procedure is automated by the risk management module, saving time for the operators. It gives information and notifications on questionable behaviour to casino management, enabling them to take quick action.

The use of bots as a whole internet platform. Think of the Telegram casino example. The backend administration system of the Telegram Casino lets you handle all parts of the casino, including alerts and mailings, content, components, and more, making it an alternate option for players in other countries. It may operate as a standalone platform or as a component of an existing online casino and is completely synced with the online platform, including bonus modules and various payment methods and currencies. Users from other countries just need to complete the authorisation procedure after registering using the Telegram bot. The bot algorithm is extremely user-friendly and simple to comprehend, and it is created particularly for any international users. Bots are accounts or channels that are powered by AI software and not by actual people. Bots may communicate, play, search, and more. Users may forward them or click on a link to open them. It is simple to disseminate bots since the name of the original conversation is always visible when a user retransmits a message. Telegram bots have the ability to build games, personalize notifications, receive money, and interface with other services.

The ease of use is the major distinction between a bot and standard site navigation. While looking for anything online might take some time, using Telegram to talk takes significantly less time and clicks to get the same item. And that’s fantastic for luring new players from abroad.

NFT Token

NFT technologies are on the opposing side. They have gained popularity as a result of their irreplaceable distinctiveness. In contrast, actual money and cryptocurrencies may be traded for one another since they are interchangeable. This style, which has its roots in the video game business, has grown in popularity in cryptocasinos because to its ease of use and exciting gaming environment. These games could have peculiar elements that distinguish them from many other online games. For instance, based on NFT, Aviatrix has already developed a gaming solution. The game offers a peculiar NFT-based lifetime loyalty scheme. It separates itself from other NFTs since it is a component of a blockchain with a special identity. Together with the NFT function, international gamers may access a variety of model airplanes and take part in daily prize competitions. A growing number of people will soon play this kind of game because of its originality, technological substance, and innovative reward structure.

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